Handheld Drug Reference Comparison
by Marty Couret, MSN, NP

Key Differentiating Product Features

ePocrates qRx v. 4.0

Tarascon ePharmacopoeia

Drug Interaction Look Up

Allows the user to select up to 30 drugs and checks for interactions between those selected drugs

Limited ability to check drug interactions; Information is difficult to locate

Adverse Reactions

Identifies serious and common adverse reactions for all drugs; Common reactions are listed in relative order of frequency

Limited adverse reaction information; Information is difficult to locate


Identifies contraindications for all drugs

Information is difficult to locate

Mechanism of Action

Includes MOA for all drugs

Not available

Pricing Data

Includes retail pricing (Actual price listed)

Uses $ scale to denote price

Clinical Tables

Includes clinical tables with general medical information

Includes clinical tables with general medical information

Packaging/Formulation Information

Includes formulation information and packaging information

Includes formulation information and limited packaging information



Ability to Update Data

Includes AutoUpdate feature which allows user to instantly update the drug database by HotSyncing the device; Eliminates need to download/buy updates

Not available

User will most likely need to download new version of product on a regular basis

Ability to Quickly Locate Information

Includes Find function which allows user to search by multiple categories such as drug name, class, interactions, adverse events, or contraindications. This function can take from 10 sec.-2min.

Does not include a find function

Ability to Customize Database

Ability to categorize drugs and add notes

Ability to categorize drugs and add notes. Has section for drugs that are used regularly



User Interface

Easy to navigate; Information is clearly labeled

Information crammed together difficult to locate information quickly




Size of Database

1 MB

1 MB

Other Software Available

qID an antimicrobial guide

Tealdoc a text reader and MedCalc a medical calculator

Future Products

Formulary verification; Electronic prescribing; Clinical journal content; Wireless prescription capabilities

Formulary verification; Electronic prescribing; Wireless prescription capabilities

Updated March 26, 2001


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