Mundinger Article Links

Mundinger, M.O. et. al. Primary Care Outcomes in Patients Treated by Nurse Practitioners or Physicians. JAMA 283(1), January 5, 2000.
  • Full-Text Article on-line Adobe Acrobat file
  • Editorial Independent Primary Care Practice by Nurse Practitioners by Harold C. Sox, MD Adobe Acrobat file
  • ANA Press Release Jan 4, 2000
  • MSNBC Article Study backs nurses for primary care Jan 4, 2000
  • New York Times Article Like a Doctor's Office, With a Little More Time Apr 25, 2000
  • National Public Radio Audio Clip Doctors and Nurses by Patricia Neighmond (Requires Real Audio Player)
  • All Things Considered Program Information Jan 4, 2000
  • 48 Hours interview with Joyce Pulcini, NPC, Ph.D.

    Updated: April 28, 2000


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